Tree Frequency

Getting on the tree frequency is both metaphorical and literal. Trees emit vibrations to communicate with each other. Metaphorically, the tree frequency is a recognition of time and our (human) relationship to it. Many trees mature at 400 years, many of us at 40, which means we are going 10X faster through our life cycle, much like how dogs and cats are going 10X faster than us. I wonder, with all that experience, what wisdom to trees have to offer us? And what if they communicated it through music? Installed in a park as part of a public arts festival on the east side of Detroit, Tree Frequency is about opening up an imaginative space, allowing people to encounter other life forms as alive, and as peers.  In my mind, this space helps to expand our collective sense of self, and our relationship to the planet by reminding us of the wonder that is around us at all times.