Photography in video by Garrett MacLean


It began with curiosity about what a Human Wind Chime would sound like. Wind Chimes that are hung on a porch are played by the wind. What, I wondered, would be the "wind" if a bunch of humans had the chimes and the ability to play them, aka to chime them or not to chime them? I bought a set of chimes from Treeworks Chimes in Nashville that were tuned to a more whole tuning scale - incorporating stepped notes - and I tied them up in pairs so that a person could hold the string while the metal bars chime. A funny aspect of  this is that by trying to chime them they can get twisted and miss each other, an example of how trying to make something work can really get in the way. 

We stood in a circle inside markers in the four directions - I find it useful to remember that we are on a giant rock in space - aka planet Earth. My instructions were to listen and then chime, or don't chime, however you see fit! However you feel moved to do so.

Wind chimes are participatory in an equalizing way. There is no possibility of hitting a 'wrong' note, there is no 'wrong' answer, no way to be the loudest or the quietest. It is musical and collaborative without having any musical instruction - just by engaging fully in listening and responding.

It is like sunshine in the brain. We ended at about sundown, and there was a lightness and a brightness in our smiles. I didn't expect that part, and I was humbled to be a part of it. It's shocking to encounter easy access to good feelings, to uncover wholeness with each other just by engaging in our natures with nature. 

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Photography by Garrett MacLean