The Wisdom of the Beavers


Beavers are "in tune” with the behavior of water.

Beavers build dams along the river, slowing the water down and diverting the water into land, thus creating and making fertile mud in the process of their lifestyle.


It is now understood that the famed fertile land along the Mississippi river is due to thousands of years of beaver dams.

Beavers are good for us!


Growth patterns repeat in nature. The growth pattern of a river - “branching” - is similar to the growth patterns of mycelium, star constellations, our neural network - even the Internet.

If that’s true, then let’s imagine beavers in our brain. What can we imagine Brain Beavers to be? What kind of beavers slow down our thoughts, diverting that energy into the land of our brains, thus creating fertile mud from which to grow new thoughts and ideas?


For me, it’s ideas like EQUALITY and IMPERMANENCE.

It’s colors and symbols.

These concepts and experiences feel expansive, and unable to be contained or partitioned, and speak to my own feeling of wholeness when I feel “chopped up” by daily life.

What are your Brain Beavers?