Photo by Garrett MacLean

Photo by Garrett MacLean

How can I contribute something positive? How can I participate genuinely? How can I embrace living in a society that often feels so bad? I honestly don’t know. I think about this every day, and try my best to grow as a person. Growing up with privilege in a deeply segregated city, I exist in continuous struggle with the fact of inequality in our society while knowing EQUALITY to be truth. When I’m in truth, I feel love.

Wild Life Report is an attempt to interact from a place of attention. While these pieces may seem strange, they are rooted in a sense of reverence for life and living.


The source of my power lies in my relationships to others. This is magic.

Another idea of magic - Something internal can unlock external potential. Aka there is a relationship between inner and outer worlds.

What are the formations of the landscape of our unconscious? Aka, What are the underlying thoughts and symbols that reinforce a belief in, and an agreement with, society as it is?

How can I support change?

I am focused on our inter-relatedness - our connection to ourselves, each other, and the other inhabitants of our planet.  

Music is my heart, Art is my mind, and Creativity is my body.

I wonder things like: Have you ever tried to keep up with the shadow of a seagull when you're on your bike? The power of art making affords the possibility to be carried away into the experience of another, allowing for a shift in perspective.

The blueing sky. The blue sky. The first sentence conveys a sense of moving expression, the second a sense of stasis.

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